Into The Wild

Into The Wild (Sean Penn 2007), is a true story about the journey one young man (Christopher McCandless, played by Emile Hirsch) took to be free from society for two years and hitch hike from Annandale, Virginia to a remote part outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. He would reach the“Magic Bus”, an old 1950s bus that would give him shelter, yet give him the solitude and freedom from society that seemed to consume the outside world.

On his “Alaskan journey” (as Mr. McCandless called it) across the beautiful United States, he drove his car half way across the country till he abandoned it in Arizona where he started his hitch hiking to “Magic Bus”.

As he hitch hiked the rest of the way to Alaska, he would find himself in Los Angeles, where he stayed in a homeless shelter for the night by the name of Alexander Supertramp (another name he went by so his family members would not be able to trace his where a bouts).

Christopher also got jobs along the way to help pay for food, supplies, etc. He seemed to be ready for the harsh Alaskan wilderness. With the money he earned, he bought a canoe to battle his way down the Colorado River which would save time and to an extent, energy.

Along his way he met this “hippie” couple that he spent the night with on the California coastline sharing stories and where the next morning he would overcome his fear of the water. He also met an elderly man, and a boss that helped him with a job that paid him good pay.

Even though McCandless would not make it back home after the two years, his journey he did conquer, and his life he did live the way he wanted. His story is something that will touch you in the deepest place and bring you to the acknowledgment that society can be sickening and a thing we the people need to change.