Road Range: Hell on Wheels

Hi, my name is Cory King and I am a deputy for Alexandria County, California. My department and I are concerned about the aggressive behavior that is starting to be a big issue on the roads today.

In 2011 on a spring morning on the 17th of April around 6:45am, I was sitting with radar up at the intersection of Tulip Road and Clifton Road, I saw an innocent bystander walking down the sidewalk. As the bystander reached the intersection to cross, he was hit by a vehicle speeding to beat the red light. The innocent bystander was identified as Jeff Ridges, A local resident of Alexandria County. When we asked the man that was behind the wheel (Ryan Wood), he stated that “Me and my wife had just fought” and that this put him in a “fit of rage”. This rage that he got behind the wheel with when he struck an innocent man that suffered two broken ribs, one shattered knee cap, and one broken leg, is just a small fraction opposed to what happens in other parts of the country.

So today I have an idea on a way to solve this rage that is being brought onto our roads. A device to be placed in every vehicle that will detect when the person is angry and will disable the vehicle till the device senses the driver is in a “good mood”.

Reason one: People would always be in a good mood when behind the wheel.

Reason two: Road rage would be a thing of the past and our roads would be a safe place again.

Reason three: It will provide jobs in every state and raise salaries.

The “no rage” device will bring in a profit like no other if made mandatory to be placed in every vehicle. There are 311,591,917 people in the United States, every state, including the company that will make the device will make a profit. We will see an increase in job opportunities, safer roads, and the “Big Guys” salaries would take a jump into the millions mark.

Road rage is something nobody can change naturally. But technology can. A device to shut off a vehicle when moods change for the worst is what 21st century mankind needs to be safe on its roads.


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