Reflection Essay

Cory King

Beth Bensen-Barber

Eng. 111 DL06

April 30th 2012

The Journey to a Finish Line: English 111

I feel like English 111 has helped me to learn how to use many different skills throughout this semester as I have written each assignment. I am now feeling confident about writing papers in the near future and I am looking forward to moving on to my last English class (English 112). When I woke up the first day of this semester, I didn’t know what I was going to see or what I   expected from the time I would need to log on to blackboard, seeing that this was going to be my first online English class.

I logged on to blackboard and clicked on the title that read “English 111 DL06”. I am not going to lie; I was overwhelmed by it all: Three essays to do, a discussion board to reply to every week, and the reading assignments. I did not even know where everything was in the link at the time nor was I confident on being in this class. But I said to myself “you have this!” and persevered to the finish line. The finish line I am at today and why I am thankful I didn’t let my fear of failing get the best of me. I think if you get overwhelmed by things in life, like an online English class being taken for the first time for an example, you will fail. But taking a step back, a breather, and finding that other side of you that is confident on embracing the future and the things you have fear of, you will succeed at anything you put forth the effort and work hard for.

As the semester went forth, the reading assignments and discussion boards I found to be easier than I expected and was glad I pushed myself. It was then I noticed our first essay was to be started, I was excited and nervous. Our first essay was to be on how we came to literacy. I had a pretty good story in mind for this essay. I dug around in my brain for that one memory from my childhood I was anxious to share. I typed out two paragraphs and BAM! My mind went blank. I was laughing for a minute at myself for being such a scatter brain, but as I kept typing words, it came back to me. I got out all I wanted to share and it was to the word count the essay assignment called for. Looking back at this essay, I am thankful for this type of essay genre, it brought back a memory I thought I had forgotten.

The “Movie Review Essay”, one of my favorites of the semester. Having the opportunity to write a paper about a movie of my choice, I loved doing this for the first time and enjoyed it very much. I knew just the movie I wanted to write a review about, “Into The Wild” a movie that touches me deep down and I can relate to. But this essay was different. It was not to be just words, but MLA documentation and pictures from the movie were to be placed in this essay. These two things were new to me as I had never done this before. But I figured it out and surprised myself. I have gained two new things from doing the movie review essay: MLA documentation and how to place pictures from movies in to an essay.

My last essay the “Modest Proposal”, this one I had fun with, as we were assigned to do. Getting to write about a world problem, I was not too sure on what to pick to write about. Till road rage kept ringing in my ear, a problem that is getting worse every year and something I deal with in the town I live in right now. As my instructor informed, this was going to be a 1,500 minimum word essay (the most minimum word count out of all three essays). The sweats started rolling down my face after reading 1,500 words minimum. Not that I was scared, no, I did not know if I could find 1,500+ words in my head on road rage. But that ceased to stop me; I was determined to write about road rage, a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. But this essay was different, satire was the word and it was a word I can’t say I hear too often. Satire was to be in this essay and made it even more enjoyable to do. After I had finished my satire essay on road rage, I get an email from my instructor. I had made a mistake. Plagiarism was the word, a word I cannot say I hear too often either and was not happy seeing. My modest proposal I had plagiarized and didn’t even know I had. This meant my grade went and my hard work for nothing. But there is a happy ending to this. My instructor had another back up that I could do. I was to write a paper on plagiarism or fail the class. Now I am no quitter, so I did my paper on plagiarism and am thankful I got, in my opinion, a second chance. So what did I learn from my last essay. Satire, and do your work very carefully when using other people’s words, checking that you give credit to everybody’s work you use.

Out of all three of my essays this semester, the literacy narrative essay I enjoyed the most. Getting to take a trip down memory lane to a childhood memory I thought I had forgotten meant a lot to me. After crossing this finish line in English 111, I feel I am ready to move to English 112 . I have gained so much knowledge from English 111 that I can take with me alone when transferring next year to my final college where I will earn my masters in architecture. To all my great classmates in English 111, I enjoyed having the opportunity on reading your words and getting to know you through cyberspace. Good luck to you on reaching your goals and never give up!


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